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coming back home and working at mcdonalds really makes you obsessed with making something of your self. that place gives me nightmares.
i watched secret of the oooze. i swear it was like i went in a time machine to when i was like 8. the metallica movie is funnier the napaleon dynamyte. diet cherry vanilla dr pepper would be the drink of my dreams if it wasnt diet. its like a mars volta of tastes in your mouth.

the end

let me annoy your friends list with tourrr dates.
02/11/2005 07:00 PM - The Brass Mug, Tampa FL - with Corigio

02/12/2005 07:00 PM - The Factory, Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 - with The Fluent, Where is Monday, more tba

02/13/2005 04:00 PM - Daytona Beach, FL 200 S Beach St 32114 - BENEFIT SHOW with Boy Meets Heart, My Getaway, Midnight Aria, Radon Moon,Argo,Doris Delay, Excarnation, Angels & Demons

02/15/2005 07:00 PM - The Imperial, Jacksonville FL 32099 - with Snmnmnmn, Christina Wagner, Bernard, The Peppermint Confederacy

02/26/2005 07:00 PM - American Legion, Summerville SC 29483, -
with the barefoot revolution, aslan, golden palace

03/04/2005 04:00 PM - Shooters, Fred'burg VA with Avenue Ever Since Radio Estrela Evolemo Reasons for Leaving Atomic Raygun Attack Buried Within

03/05/2005 05:30 PM - "My Brothers Place," Walforf MD 3081 Old Washington Rd 20601, - 8bucks with june, mastako, sarcasm, fall in line, high school football heroes,

03/06/2005 08:00 PM - The Lime Spider, Akron OH- $8 with tba

03/07/2005 05:00 PM - Nanci Raygun, Richmond VA 929 west grace st. 23218 - w/ the half jeffersons, rockbot, and the yen

03/10/2005 09:00 PM - Ten Bells, Grand Rapids MI
49501 - 1753 Alpine NW with Torrid and TBA

03/11/2005 Time TBA - Real Life Community Church, Portage, IN 46368 - 3134 Swanson Rd. all ages w/ the phoenix rising, i heart, scenario

03/13/2005 Time TBA- The Warehouse, Lacrosse WI - 328 pearl st. all ages, w/ tba

03/14/2005 Time TBA - schmitty's city nightmare, Fond Du Lac WI
119 s. main st., - details tba w/ monet madrid madagascar and more

03/17/2005 Time TBA - Townsend Center, Richmond IN 47374 - w/ coraline and more

03/18/2005 07:00 PM - The Crump Theater, Columbus IN 47201 - $6 w/ the rennaisance affair and more


hellllo. things are good. i went to a crazy party after the show the other day in atlanta. wall to wall people, filled with tomfoolery, rasmatas, and all kinds of dubotchery. me and rick were the sober duo of death.

i ate a folofal burger in athens. its like a crazy new taste of burger made out of ground up garbonzo beans.

garden state was a good movie. i set my self up for a better movie though. everyone said they cried, so i kinda went in overly prepared for it. eternal sunshine has a similar texture to it. it's about completely differant things. it's still probably the most enjoyable movie experiance i have had.

i feel for my friends with family issues. i have no idea what its like and my heart goes out to them.


if you are bored...

estrela dates
-Febuary 12th @The Factory, Fort Lauderdale FL with The Fluent, Where is Monday, and more TBA
-Febuary 11th @The Brass Mug, Tampa FL with Coragio 7pm
-January 29th @ "My Brothers Place" Waldorf, MD with The Second Sunrise, We're All Broken, Patent Pending, Emergency Exit, Twilight, Collective 7$ 5pm
-January 28th @ The Core in Columbus GA with Her Roman Conspiracy and Betrayed Witha Kiss
January 22nd @ The Club Fathom, Chattanooga TN with Across Five Aprils,As Citys Burm, Helping mister wolfman, within, with faith or flames, nevertheless, until this day 6$ 6pm
-January 21st @ The Penny II, Clarkesville GA with Red Letter Shelby Falling into Forever 7pm
-January 20th @ Backbooth, Orlando FL with matthewjon, Leave Calmer, Isentninjas, International Orange(ex bens fold five) 18+ 7pm 6$
-January 18th @ 688 Skate Park, Tampa FL with Ayo, All My Heros, and Southcott $7 7pm
-January 17th @ The Neptune Lounge, Tarpon Springs FL with Emma and Southcott (I gave her my heart tour more dates up soon)
-January 16th @ 8th Street Vintage, Augusta GA with glassbottom boat, and southcott more tba 5pm
-January 15th @ Tea Leaves and Coffee Beans, Belmont NC with with This Falling Star, Hillside Miracle, Lonely Obsession 5pm 2$
-January 14th @ The New Brookland Tavern with Chasing August, Upon A Tragic Ending, Whole Wheat Bread EARLY SHOW 5pm
-January 12th @ The Masquerade, Atlanta GA with Mosaic and more 8pm

we had some tours and dates kind of flake out on us, so this all what i strung together at the last minute. ridalin does wonders. i havent slept much though. i guess i should do that now. have a great night, i hope to see you people at these shows. we have a big tour through march that goes up through michigan and indiana, so look out for that too.

goodnight -josh
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a wholllllllle lot of stuff is been going on.

you guys should listen to this new stuff with our new singer

chelsea logue is singing now.
bobby was my best friend and i miss him a lot.
just too many problems. i wish it could of been differant.

it's like im happy with the new arrange a lot, i just miss bobby.
i hope he does well, and doesnt fall into any traps.

i hope you all have a great day.

and we will sing a song of hope


How is everyone? (people think that’s an entry starter but it’s a question that you can actually answer : )

The weather right now is very extremely wonderful.

Things are going as planned. Buying a used car is the most annoying process. I wish everyone was honest. I really dislike haggling and I really dislike shady people that are trying to sell you a car practically made out of legos glued together with Elmer’s glue. I would rather get something reasonably priced not ripping off either party, than having one guy ripping you off by having it extremely over priced or another guy breaking your balls talking you down to a price you never wanted to let it go for. I like fairness. This lady tried to "cut me a deal" on this conversion van. We didn't make it half a mile out of the dealership before the hood flew up and shattered the window shield almost killing us as we went down the highway with out any view of what was ahead. The only thing she had to say when we came back was "So you don't want that one then?"

A lot of things have been happening.

Our band signed with management. We will see how it works out. I think in November we will be on tour for 2 weeks, and then another tour shortly after for 6 weeks. It's going to be fantabulousastic.

My parents saved up money and took us all on a cruise. I felt extra fancy with all of richness on the boat. I'm like meeting people with like a hundred million dollar pair of pants on from like Bloomingdales and I'm like "uh this shirt was on sale at Wal-Mart." I met a particular young lady that I wish lived closer to me. I also played guitar to like 600 to 800 people in a talent show my parents made me enter. It was fun. It's easy to meet people when they know you from something like that.

Bobby got in a crazy car wreck. Emergency room and all. He’s ok now though, it was scary though. He has no car anymore.

I got an exposed nerve somehow in one of my teeth, which hurt real real bad. My dentist gave me Vikadin for the pain. I kind of underestimated it and to say the least, I was hugging everyone I worked with, and having 15 minute conversations with each customer. They were laughing a lot. heh drugs are bad. I can now see why pain killers can mess a lot of people up. It's easy to get sucked in.

I go to taco bell everyday and it is great.

Sorry for the shavedness. It just seemed stupid to have people like you for something as dumb as a hair cut. Plus it feels good outside without any. : )

Here is a picture

Heheh : ) sorry

Here is another strieght from my new class C driver’s license.

Heh well everyone sleep tight and have the greatest tomorrow of your life.

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things are going great. i think our band is finally taking off. we got all the way to number 3 on purevolume the other day. with 4000 individual plays in one day. thats insannnne to me. i cant even imagine that.


we are about to buy a 15 passanger van. so that means i can leave my mcdonalds lifestyle, and go on tour forever. i cannot wait. hopefully we can plan for some charity stops and like soup kitchen stuff a long the way. helping people all over the US would be amazing.

you guys should watch our video estrela-saturnine.wmv

tell me what you think. we did it for free so im happy with it.

yeah sorry this is all i have to talk about.

i went cosmic bowling. it's booty dancing to the tootsy roll song. heh. yeah thats about all.

hope everyone is doing fantabulous.
im off to work. later.


how is everyone doing? im great. yes.

things are well. really well. devoting time to make things better for people you see everyday will always put you in a good mood. seriously, it's not even hard.

i have been reading up on a lot of buddhist outlooks lately. it really can be helpful when put in different situations ethically.

im crazily addicted to the show friends. my parents keep renting the seasons on dvd and you get caught up in it really easily. i feel like it has to be on in the background. it haaaaaaas to be on.

heh yeah. i have been a hermit lately. besides work and practice, i just sit on here and play my guitar, promote the band on here, and obsessively watch friends. yeah. i went to a party the other day. it was fun, i met lots of new people. lots of drunken people. i really think people can become entirely different people when under the influence of alcohol. oh well. i just hope everyone is careful with it.

look at this picture. its adorable. one of my best friends bobby and his niece.

yeah we took some fancy pictures at this crazy rock the background looks insane.

then theres the really really hot rock we sat on. the sun just beats down on it all day. you can see bob holding up his butt from the surface.

anyway, hope everyone is doing great.
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im happy. yees. it's nice. everything is going wonderfully. we got our cds in. im happppy. the release show went wonderfully. well except for the head bashing. robby's bass bashed me in the back of the head by accident. it cracked the neck of his guitar and my head was bleeding a lot. i finished the show though. i was pretty dizzy though. right after it happened everything went into slomo. heh. i was bleeding all over my shirt and the back of my head, it was TUFFFFFF. haha. not really, it just hurt real bad. i thought i was ok but everyone told me to go the hospital afterwards so i went to the emergency room and got stitches. i guess i had a slight concussion. heh TUFFF. we were shooting footage for some videos this film graduate is making for us. im gonna get the hit in slomo on the video its gonna be awesome.

yes not much else is going on. we played a show with albert react in summerville SC last night. that was real fun. the place is like small as my kitchen (not really), so its awesome to play because everyone is so close and packed and it's really personal. yes. misses chelsea logue played too. as she did friday too. yes it was fun.

it was real scary the other day before the release show because the people sending us all of our cds after they got pressed and printed told us they accidentally sended them 2 day mail instead of over night. i for real got retartedly depressed because all of our goals we had leading up to that cd release show would of just been erased. but somehow they were wrong and they still got to my house on time. it was an awesommmmmmmmmmme feelling. like jumping up and down. heh. im retarted. we all hugged each other and made out. not really. but we were happy.

yeah i feel like a doofus for only writing about my band, but thats all there really is for me. i could talk about how much i hate working at mcdonalds, but yeah, i would rather not.

sometimes people make me mad though. people that have like snapshot judgments. were they meet you for 10seconds and determine whether or not your an asshole or not for the rest of your life. after the show on friday i was trying to talk to everyone despite the bleeding wound in the back of my head, and i really had to help pack up our stuff so i could go to the emergency room. i don’t know i try to be the nicest i can possibly be to everyone. seriously, i will go out of my way to like make things better for anyone i'm around, but it's like if im already doing 20 things and have a bleeding head, you cant expect a 2 hour conversation about the braves. i just said hey and thanked everyone for coming a lot. that’s about all i could do in my drunken state (not from alcohol from the concussion) i don’t know. im dumb.


you guys should buy a cd. yes. go to www.estrelarock.com and you can order it or send us the money. it really helps we are really giving are all so the littlest bit helps out so much.

anyway, i hope everyone is doing fantastic. : )

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i've been waiting in a white room screaming the walls red.

man things are really awesome right now. i feel happy. really happy. i have four really good friends that everything is great with.

we just got back from recording. it was awesome. we found this nice girl to stay with that had real rich parents, and we got like her whole basement to ourselfs. it;s like bigger than my house. it was neat. and then as long and as stressful as recording was it really makes you feel like you accomplished something. we made the songs fancy with all of these crazy noises, and connected all the tracks to kind of make it like one big piece of art. i hope everyone likes it. they should be back from the pressing in midapril, so everyone should buy one, so we can not be in a debt. : )

i would realllllllllly appreciate you guys checking some of the songs out, you can download 3 of the songs from here


you should tell me what you think as well. : )

any way not much more to say. i'm just feeling really great and hope everyone else is as well.
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born to overcome

work work work work work. forever.
when im there i feel like i’m not even at work. like i'm at home. because im there so much.

things are not good lately.

at all.

serious troubles with me and my best friend.

i wish i knew what was going on with him.

valentines day made me realize how i don’t have a life. i didn't even know it was valentines day. someone mentioned it at work, and then i just worked until they made me leave so i wouldn’t have to see people together. i wish i had of had someone to pamper and do stuff for. someone should just let me put flowers all over there house or something just so i can get it out of my system.

yeah it wasn’t awesome. 12 hours is all i can stay before they tell me i have to leave. it doesn’t even bother me, i feel like i have nothing to look forward to anymore. i just want to record. so bad. which is why i stay at work for so long. i can't care. i think even if our band is crappy we can get somewhere off of pure dedication and hard work. hopefully. and after i get this cd pressed and all that fancy garbage we will tour forever, or until we die, or until enough people know about us to where we have to get somewhere.

i wish things weren’t so complex and everything in the world didn't cost so much money.
i wish i had people helping me.

i can't care.

i think my coworkers think i’m a raging cocaine addict that works retartedly long shifts to feed his drug addiction. i work front counter a lot now, so i get to talk to people and be really nice to the old ladies. i dont know why but i feel real good when i'm overly nice to the old people. or any people for that matter.

i saw the passion of christ the other day. i liked it. it was how i imagined about. some of it was really drawn out. crazily violent. no one wants to see a man get beat as much as it happens in the movie. i guess that's how they wanted to portray it. in the movie jesus' character is so modest and honest. he cares nothing about proving anyone wrong or making people like him or anything like that. i wish i could be more like that. people are just laughing at him beating him severely and he just says "please forgive them father they do not know." jesus or not that's admirable. it's kinda similar to the way spider man acted. if you go see it bring your tissues. there are parts in it that made me want to hug my mom. it was the most packed i have ever seen the theater.

i’m tireeeed.

stressfull days at the studio.

it's so fun.

heh cheesy pic.
anyway i hope everyone is doing awesome.
have a great night.
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